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Every finisher in the Race will receive a stylish drinks coaster.



Race Trophy

The Race trophy was presented to the event in 1960 by the North Berwick Town Council. It was lost between 2009 and 2021, but has now been retrieved.


Women's trophy

Presented by Margaret Robertson (Dundee)


Vets' trophies

For F45 winner and M50 winner

Place prizes  and  Age-group prizes

Race: The first 4 finishers in the Race win sports-kit vouchers, as do the first 4 female finishers.

Age-categories: There are prize vouchers also for:  
       Men:  50–59 (2);   60–69  ;   70+
   Women:  45–54 (2);   55–64  ;   65+

Team-prizes: Modest prizes for first and second team, and for first all-female team.

Spot prizes

10% of the field get lucky and get a small spot prize, based on their race-number.